Beautiful, sustainable housing — designed and built in the North, community-driven and affordable forever.

As a not-for-profit society, the Northern Community Land Trust is working to build a portfolio of permanently affordable housing across the Yukon. Our mission is to provide a diverse group of residents access to home ownership, while championing high quality materials and design.

Introducing Project 1096

Whistle bend, Whitehorse

Our first project is underway! Located in Whitehorse’s newest subdivision, Project 1096 will feature 32 affordable housing units, ranging from 1-3 bedroom homes. Designed to accommodate a variety of ages and family structures, Project 1096 balances amenities for a rich community life with privacy and autonomy for homeowners. 

Learn more about this project, the funding partners that made it possible,
and the opportunity to purchase a home on the
project page.


What is a Community Land Trust?

Through this not-for-profit model, we build high-quality, thoughtfully-designed homes at a fraction of standard development costs, thanks to:

  • Land donation
  • Access to funding for affordable housing
  • Prudent, efficient design

Residents purchase homes based on our net cost rather than market value. This affordability is passed on to future buyers, through price controls tied to inflation.

Price of a detached house in the private market vs. community land trust

Become a Homeowner

Build personal equity. Enjoy privacy, autonomy, and long-term security.


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